For Employer section:

1. How can I register as an employer?
  Follow the step by step registration by logging on to www.YourPartTime.com at home page click on "Employer Registration" and start to create your company account and profile. Click summit and check your email to validate your account.
2. How do I post a job advertisement?
  For first time user once you have successfully registered as an employer, user name and password will be sent over to your email for verification. You can click on the link in the email or login through the main website to proceed to your account. Employer’s account information can be seen at this section under “My Account". To post up a job, you have to purchase credit by selecting different packages provided using credit or debit card. Then, you can start posting your company job ad by clicking “Post Job”
3. When and where will my job posting be posted?
  It will be up immediately after employers post up the advertisement in the appropriate section. The job advertisement will be there according to the specific duration that employers want them to be there, with a minimum of 2 weeks. If employers want to extend the ads, additional credits are needed and if they want to remove the ads before the ads expire, they can do so by deleting the posted up.
4. What will my job posting look like?
  The advertisement specification is fixed using a template. Part time job seekers will able to see information that you posted up in the appropriate section.
5. How can I search and get the right candidates for my job offer?
  There are 2 ways to search for candidates:
• Potential part timers will be able to click on "Apply this job" to apply for your job offered if they interested.
• Our system matching agent will match your job requirements with job seekers resume. You can search for potential part timer by viewing the percentage of matches before you purchase and open up their full resume which include the job seekers contact number and email address.
6. How do I receive responses?
  Potential part timers will be matched with your requirements using our unique matching system. They will also be in your candidates list if they click ‘Apply this Job’ below your job ads. Employers then can choose whether to open up their resumes so that employer can contact them immediately through email or their mobile number.
7. I have a question that is not covered here. What do I do?
  Please refer to Contact Us section and send your enquiries to any one of the four people mentioned there. Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed as well.

For Job Seeker section:

1. Why do I need to register as member of YourPartTime.com?
  As a member of YourPartTime.com, you can apply for part-time jobs available in YourPartTime.com completely free of charge.
2. Why Should YOU complete your PART TIME RESUME?
  Your PART TIME RESUME will be used for job matching purposes. By completing and updating your resume, the accuracy of our matching system will be increased; meaning to say you get better-matched JOB ALERT and YOUR preferred part time jobs first hand. Be informed the latest part time jobs through YOUR account, email and SMS using our simple-to-post up resume with step-by-step guide.

You are only minutes away from getting your preferred part time job.
3. How do I get the latest updates and job offers that suit me?
  You will received Job Alert according to the job preference by subscribing to the Job Alert in your profile when you create your account. You will be notify via Email,SMS and through your account itself when your resume is matched with the job requirements.
4. What can the employee see before they inquire about me?
  Everything except your name, email address, contact number. Everything else will be revealed for matching purposes set by our system. Once potential employer purchase and open your resume, the system will enclose all your information (name, email address, contact number) to the employer.
5. How do I get paid?
  Everything pertaining to the wages, payment method and rates are left solely to the discretion of both you and your employer. As we do not support any payment processing here, YourPartTime.com will not be responsible for any payments delay and monetary transaction.
6. I have a question that is not covered here. What do I do?
  Please refer to Contact Us section and send your enquiries to any one of the four people mentioned there. Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed as well.

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