JANe Intro

The Job Ad Network (JANe) is recruitment media widget developed to aid employers, recruiters and job boards to promote their job postings to active & passive pools of job seekers. JANe converts your job posting into an online recruitment advertisement and making it visually appealing at anytime. This will create maximum impact on your job advertisement campaign.


Targeting to Active & Passive Job Seekers
Wider Reach of Job Seekers
Raise Branding Awareness
Minimum Investment, Maximum Exposure
Extend your recruitment reach to the right Job Seekers

JANe helps to expand your recruitment search beyond job sites & postings. As job seekers browse through their favourite sites, they will see your jobs advertisement display. When job seekers click on your ad, they will be taken directly to your job postings to view and learn about your job opportunities. It also broadens the pool of passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job but are open to new opportunities that match their backgrounds and interests.

Increase the Visibility
With JANe, you can communicate directly with your target audience, by placing your job advertisement at our chosen publisher sites and blogs. This will create maximum impact on your job ads campaign. JANe creates an immediate visibility at diverse publisher sites and increase brand recognition to potential job seekers.

Result Oriented & Measureable
Advertising with JANe is easy, fast and cost effective than the conventional recruitment methods. JANe is an online Pay for Performance Advertising modal to maximize your recruitment advertising spend. Advertisers will only pay when viewers click on your advertisement to view your job post.

You are also accessible to JANe online reporting system to monitor your advertisement responses.

How does it work?

Transform job postings into compelling advertisements

Job advertisement consists of a job title, a brief job description, location and company logo. The information in your advertisement comes from your job posting. Post up your job & select JANe to extend your recruitment searches. Once you have purchased JANe, your job advertisement will appear at various publishers' page & blogs.

With such a varied sourcing, JANe will channel all candidates into your job post. You can track, screen and hire these candidates.

Start now to create your job advertisement campaign and be seen across multiples of JANe publishers' network.

For enquiries, email to us at sales@YourPartTime.com.

Thank you.
YourPartTime.com team

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